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USB Microphone,Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone For Laptop MAC Or Windows Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,Streaming.
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Metal screws would not have stripped as easily as these screws. Otherwise the product is definitely sturdy and feels like it's a quality product. It has a nice weight to it and a really nice look to it.

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I do wish that the microphone had a mute button without a light on it. If you are looking forward to getting a good microphone, but don't want to cost over forty dollars, then the Fifine USB Plug and Play Condenser Microphone is for you. I purchased this about two weeks ago and it came in about a week, which is not too bad.

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When I reviewed it on an online voice recorder, I thought it was bad but realized that when I recorded it on video, it sounded WAY better. I'm probably not going to change microphones for a long time until I get more subscribers on YouTube. I used to use a headphone microphone and it was so bad, I made my videos I recorded with it private. When I tested the Fifine microphone, it sounded like a charm. I would like to thank Fifine for making such a good microphone for only thirty-two dollars!

If you are at a cheap budget, than this microphone is I really like the audio quality on the microphone!

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It cancels out a lot of the background noise kind of similar to a semi-high price microphone. The build quality of the mic is also sturdy; however, the mic stand could be better because I don't like how it is right now. But overall, I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a budget microphone for recording music or do voice-overs. It might sound a little loud but can be adjusted through audiophile softwares like Audacity Free.

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The neewer mic stand is cheaply built, might need to replace after a year. I use this for producing video training material. It was plug and play with my Windows 7 computer and my windows 10 computer. I'm not an audio expert, but it makes my voice sound fuller and more true to life than my previous microphone. I have it mounted in a small desktop microphone stand which also works fine.

List Price: You Save: This is without a doubt the best and most fun to use microphone I have ever used. When I received this, I tested it on the Skype thing that lets you hear your own mic, and for some reason it sounded much better than reviews on here and YouTube lead me to believe. I do very much like this mic, but it does have a couple design flaws that are just really annoying. The stand is very nice. I've seen some reviews giving the stand a bad rep, but that's kind of.. It's a stand, it works, it has rubberized feet so it doesn't scratch up your table.

What else do you want it to do, preform back flips or manipulate time and space? The legs are made of steel and the body is made out of a very nice and thick plastic. Microphones For Mac Sound Recording. Improve the quality of your voice, music and Mac sound recording sessions with these Pro and Prosumer grade Mac compatible microphone options.

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Top-Selling Apple Compatible Microphones These featured computer recording mics for Mac vocals, musical instruments, voice-over work and podcasting provide clean digital USB audio and instant driver-free compatibility with your OSX based Mac sound recording applications. USB 1.

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Unamplified Analog PC microphones just won't work. Just plug your 4-pole headphones into the headphone jack, and the mic will be listed in your input sources. With the broad switch to 4-conductor TRRS plugs there's a growing range of 1.

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Check out some of our microphone reviews and recommendations for the best quality microphones for professional voice, music and radio recordings, Prosumer grade podcasting and videocasts. You can switch it between 4 modes so you can use it for solo speaking, conference calls, in-person interviews, music recording and more. You can plug in a pair of headphones and adjust the volume, change how sensitive the mic is gain control , and it comes with a nice sturdy base that allows the mic to be adjusted to the correct position on your desktop every desk is different.

Check Current Price On Amazon. That means you can connect it directly to an iOS device without any adapters.

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It includes a headphone jack for monitoring, 3 preset DSP modes, and is small enough to carry with you. You can remove it from its stand and use it laying on a desk or table, making it even more portable. The AT is a classic vocal mic that performs well above its price point. It comes with a USB cable, tripod stand, carrying pouch, and a threaded mount for attaching to other desktop stands or arms. It is plug and play for both Mac and PC no drivers required and will sit on a desk or clip to your laptop screen. It has a headphone jack for live monitoring, a frequency response from 20Hz to 18kHz, and comes with a carrying case.

This is a great all-around mic that will perform well recording YouTube videos or chatting over Skype. You get a flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, bit